Cheese Cake


Nothing much i can said about this cheese cake. You have to taste it. It pure cheese with bluberry jam...hmmm nyummy...

The making of cuppies

Freshly baked from the oven. Nyum..Nyum.. This is the cuppies look before 'they' have their make-up on it..hehehe

Ok this is how the cuppies look after I put the 'foundation'. Doesn`t look cute rite? Tunggu.....after I put make-up on it, it will be cute and sexy cuppies :)

Setelah put on make-up, this is how my cuppies look. cute cuppies and nyummy too.Come and have a bite


Fancy swirl cupcakes. This my friend Zirr favaurite. But for my i 'bercinta' btull nak buat this design. Hehehehe...but if customer order i still buat. With 2 shades of color pink n white. Garnish with colorfull tiny bead and M&M chocolate...So suitable for present to your friend. Tak ingat plak sape yang order ni. Ape-ape pun thanks...


This cuppies is for engagement. Order by Auntie Jue, my mother's friend. Thank you auntie. Actually untuk adik dia. She said the theme colour are white and blue. So i decided to make it with 2 shade of blue (dark blue n baby blue) and white. And i put little silver bead to make it look more elegant. Kesian my mum kena asing bead tu. Sebab beli yang bercampur pelbagai colour in one bottle. thanks ibu...muaahhh


More Birthday order. This time was for my boss children. Special request nak topping colour chocolate. So here for you, Aiman and Alya. Happy Birthday.


Order from dear friend, Zirr. Untuk anak cousin dia. Yang ke berapa yea? Lupa plak nak tanya.
Baby blue for birthday boy; Arsyad. Semoga cepat besar & jangan nakal-nakal :)

Close Up Photo

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

This order was from Kak Su for her kenduri. Thank you so much for your support Kak Su. First time amik order more than 10 cuppies. So nervous mase buat ni...hehehehe..Fortunatelly end up ok. Just can't find the right box to arrange the cupcakes nicely. Tunggang terbalik jadi nyer wording tu...hehehehe

Close Up Photo